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The Bienenkiste program is a project of the non-profit organization Mellifera e.V.
It was jointly developed by master beekeeper Thomas Radetzki and Erhard Maria Klein.

Mellifera e.V. – Centre for Organic Beekeeping

Erhard Maria Klein



The Bienenkiste Hive
Keeping bees - simply an naturally!
(Article from »Natural Bee Husbandary/UK«)

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Bee basics

How do bees live, what is the difference between bees and wasps? What can you do to protect the bees?

The Beekiss Hive

Die Bienenkiste

The Beekiss Hive

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The Bienenkiste ("BEE-nən-KISS-tə", literally "beebox" but we prefer the more delightfully homophonic interpretation "Beekiss") was designed as a relatively low-maintenance approach to keeping bees.

We rely on a minimal level of intervention in the natural life cycle of the bee colony, an approach that emphasizes the integrity and well-being of the colony as a whole while at the same time requiring only a minimal level of initial expertise.

We are sorry that most of the information here has not yet been translated. You can find some English information in the English-language section of the Bienenkiste-Forum. The GoogleTranslate function at the bottom of the page may also be of use. In 2015 we will initiate an English-language website.